_mg_6907“The relationship of the contemporary artist with tradition is a complicated relationship. For some of the contemporary artists, it appears to be inevitable to deny past shining heritage as well as concept and definition of the beauty and meaning which was created throughout previous centuries. On the other hand, for some others the previous concept and definition of the beauty and meaning is not able to answer all the questions of the contemporary artists. For this reason, some others explore the interaction between these two worlds in order to find a solution for continuity of the past meaning (previous definitions) in today’s world. This way of connecting these two worlds (the past and now) is a risky method of connecting them together and is similar to walking on the thin and unstable rope which falling from each side of this rope would make difficulty to interact and stay in balance in order to reach the goal.

Ms. Yalda Khajehzadeh’s flowers and birds paintings build a bridge between the past and now. She uses traditional flowers and birds paintings in 13 Century of Hejri Ghamari in the new context in order to narrate cruelty and toughness from a transformed world. This collection is the result of a hard working, skillful and thoughtful artist who adores old time Iranian music and literature. The signs of these passions could be found in her paintings.

This collection is the result of her recent efforts and it is hoped that her best years of working would be in the future.”

Aydin Aghdashloo

December 2008