portrait2Yalda Khajehzadeh

Ms. Yalda Khajezadeh was born in Tehran in 1974. She began her art work with Iranian music and was educated by reputable masters of this art. Afterward, she started the painting field for her personal interest in the field of “Flowers & Birds” and learned various methods of this traditional art in Zangar Visual Arts Institute under supervision of Mr. Aidin Aghdashloo. Concurrently, she finished courses of The World Art History and Contemporary Art History in Mah Mehr Institute under supervision of Mr. Aidin Aghdashloo and Mr. Alireza Sami Azar and now, it’s about ten years that she has examined her own method in this area and held two individual exhibitions in Golestan Gallery and 10s group exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her work during a deep connection with the “Flowers and Birds” painting of the thirteenth century AH has indicated a complete new understanding. She could draw a new perspective by combining modern and traditional painting to show the cruel and violent world and sometimes with reference to remarkable works in art history, is trying to emphasize the continuity of anomalous situations that by passage of time also remain in force.